Parigi, Francia: Centro Laser Victor Hugo

Il Centro Laser Victor Hugo vanta strutture tecniche all’avanguardia ed è rinomato per la qualità dell’assistenza ai pazienti. Molti rinomati chirurghi oftalmici parigini hanno scelto di esercitare qui la loro attività chirurgica. Come loro, New Color ha scelto il Centre Laser Victor Hugo di Parigi per effettuare i controlli e gli interventi di cheratopigmentazione. Il Centre Laser Victor Hugo è attualmente l’unica clinica privata di Parigi a disporre del laser Zeiss VisuMax 800 che, combinato con il pigmento biocompatibile BioChromaEyes, consente di realizzare la tecnica FLAAK Pro, la cheratopigmentazione più naturale e avanzata.

Centre Laser Victor Hugo
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ryan gokryan gok
08:46 20 Sep 23
mimi myriammimi myriam
20:15 14 Sep 23
Operated by Dr LebrunI've been waiting for this day since I was 16I had to wait until I was 36 to finally hear that I was operable.I therefore consulted several surgeons who were recommended to me by several professionals and my choice fell on Dr. Lebrun.It was obvious it would be him or no one!During the consultation he was very reassuring and took the time to answer all my questions and more.He showed great professionalism, he explained to me the smallest details of the intervention, the expected results, the risks, etc.I had surgery yesterday on 09/13/23 The procedure went very well, it's not very pleasant but not painful either, it's very quick and above all it's worth it!!!For those who are still hesitant, go for it! You will be in good hands!To you Dr Lebrun... I cannot find the words to express my eternal gratitude to youThank you so much for changing my life!Thank you for being this great, passionate, committed surgeon who truly cares about his patients.But above all THANK YOU for being the man you are!!! A man with a big heart!!Once again thank youMs. Kadri Myriam
Martin HubertMartin Hubert
09:35 11 Sep 23
2 years after my PKR operation for myopia (Dr Ouanezar), impeccable result, good follow-up, no complications. However, I only had slight myopia and I had been warned that the result might not be spectacular, and yet, it is spectacular!
stef 60400stef 60400
16:55 08 Sep 23
Send an email for information on laser surgery for my eyes in August. Never received a response. Really not serious about this center
thomas Desseignethomas Desseigne
18:50 04 Sep 23
Eye operation done in this center: simply the TOP. A team that is very efficient and kind. I highly recommend
15:52 23 Aug 23
Hello, I had a consultation in this brand new establishment.Beyond the aesthetic aspect of the place, it is the quality and the intellectual honesty of the doctor that I met who would have been likely to advise me an intervention; told me that because of my pathology I advise against the intervention which all in all could be possible.This testifies to the seriousness and quality of the doctor.I have also not paid for the additional sign of ethics consultation.
H. B.H. B.
12:48 29 May 23
Thank you so much ! The staff is really nice and pleasant.The person at reception is incredibly kind. The people who gave me the tests as well. I had myopia operated on by Dr. Pugliese. Everything went well, great support. My life is so much more pleasant today without glasses and contact lenses.THANKS !
ajrina hiraajrina hira
16:28 05 Jan 22
The receptionist is very impolite, I asked something about my operation rdv but she didn’t answer it politely
Juan GUOJuan GUO
15:42 10 Mar 19
I visited here months ago, but did not end up with this clinique, here it is: Poor service and attitude, working staff was impatient and very emotional, never listen to you, I had to change to another clinique because of that. I did not see much people inside, much you still have to wait for hoursss....the bilan will just show you an OK to go the next step. People could stop step into this clinique, otherwise you will be regretted, not only to your time you spent, but also for your eyes.


  • In auto: parcheggio Indigo Paris Montparnasse Raspail (150 m, 3 min. a piedi)
  • In metropolitana: “Vavin” (linea 4) a 150 m, “Notre Dame des Champs” (linea 12) a 250 m e “Edgar Quinet” o “Raspail” (linea 6) a 400 m.
  • In treno: dalla stazione SNCF di Montparnasse (600 m).
  • In aereo: atterrare all’aeroporto “Paris – Orly” e raggiungere la clinica in taxi o VTC (14 km, 25 min.) o con i mezzi pubblici (40 min.).


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Nizza, Francia: Clinica New Vision

Fondata nel 2004, la New Vision Clinic è una delle più grandi operazioni di chirurgia corneale in Francia. Gode di una reputazione internazionale grazie ai suoi costanti investimenti in nuove tecnologie e all’altissima qualità dell’assistenza ai pazienti. Inoltre, la clinica New Vision è certificata ISO 9001 (qualità) e ISO 14001 (ambiente). È il partner d’elezione per le procedure di cheratopigmentazione con tecnica FLAAK®.

New Vision Clinic
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Kai Serena LiangKai Serena Liang
17:19 10 Dec 21
I hesitate for a while whether I should do my eye operation! Finally they didn’t let me down , perfect and professional service ! Trust them , that change my life with the clear sight !!!! I recommended 1000%
15:50 08 Dec 20
Experience with New Vision Clinic was really good. Suggested by my eye md I was very pleased with the service received for my eyesight correction from welcoming, to visit pre-op for the whole process during the op day. Very well located in the center of Nice.
I have been wearing glasses and lenses for 18 years with a lot of myopia and from my stable sight for 3 years I decided to do the laser surgery in New Vision. They are very professional and super friendly! During the operation they were very outstanding and were very nice. I recommend it 100%
Victor CeballosVictor Ceballos
23:01 28 Oct 19
Can't say how happy and amazed I am with New Vision team, the result of my surgery was completely PERFECT!I didn't expeted this result, and at my first appoiment I was very afraid and I had a lot of doubts and questions... the team made me feel very comfortable and they answered all my questions. The New Vision priority was to make me feel confident and here I am, 1 month later with the best result I could ask for.Thank you New Vision for changing my life, congratulations for the professionalism and the amazing team work.
Rebecca MarshallRebecca Marshall
16:21 16 Nov 16
As a professional photographer, the decision to operate on my eyes to correct my strong myopia, and my choice of clinic to do this, was not something I took lightly. Initially I visited New Vision's main competitor clinic in Nice, but I found staff at New Vision to have a much more professional and welcoming approach, treating me as a person rather than a number, I met the surgeon who was to perform the operation briefly and my questions and concerns were patiently listened to and addressed, on 2 separate visits I made before making my final decision. I was never put under the least pressure to go ahead. I also decided to go with the newer 'smile' technique, not available at so many clinics yet. Making a small incision in the cornea rather than cutting away a whole flap made sense to me, surely retains more natural strength in the cornea, and the bonus is that since the lens is cut away rather than burned, you are given the lenses in a jar to take home after the operation, a nice touch!I was nervous before the operation itself, but really felt the support of the staff, from receptionist to surgeons, and the assistant surgeon talked to me constantly (in English, at my request!) during the operation itself, which went smoothly. As the chief surgeon intervenes manually, there were a couple of small instructions to follow as he works (e.g. Look left or right a little) which was a little perturbing but I felt in good hands and communication was clear throughout. Immediately afterwards, my vision was very blurry and my eyes stung but after a celebratory champagne and nights sleep many of the initial effects had faded. They advertise that most people can drive / work the next day, but I was glad to take a few days off as the healing for me has been gradual, with small improvements every day. Now not even 2 weeks after the operation, my vision is 12/10 in both eyes and although I have some discomfort looking at a screen for protracted periods, a couple of floaters that weren't there before and bright lights perturb me (which the staff have explained is due to temporary dryness in the eyes) but this too is improving on a regular basis.


  • In auto: parcheggio Nice Etoile (200 m, 3 min. a piedi)
  • In tram: presso la fermata “Jean Médecin” delle linee 1 e 2 (100 m, 1 min. a piedi)
  • In treno: stazione “Nice Ville” (600 m, 9 min.) a piedi o prendendo il tram alla fermata “Gare Thiers” e scendendo alla fermata “Jean Médecin” (100 m, 1 min. a piedi).
  • In aereo: Aeroporto internazionale di Nizza-Costa Azzurra e raggiungere la clinica in taxi o VTC (8 km, 20 min.) o con la linea 2 del tram scendendo alla fermata “Jean Médecin” (25 min.).


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Milano, Italia: Clinica Vista Laser Vision

Il Gruppo Vista Vision è leader nell’oftalmologia privata in Italia, con una rete di numerose cliniche, oltre 20.000 interventi oculistici eseguiti ogni anno e più di 600 oftalmologi partner. L’esperienza, la tecnologia e la competenza del gruppo Vista Vision hanno portato New Color a scegliere la clinica Vista Vision di Milano come partner per gli interventi di cheratopigmentazione con tecnica FLAAK®.

10:59 20 Jul 22
On June 30, 2022 I go to this center to do a corneal topography, two very young girls welcome me and perform this exam. At the end I am given a folder containing the results, obviously incomprehensible to a non-ophthalmologist technician, but not even a sheet with the positive or negative result written or indicating if there were problems with the corneas. I am told that one of their technicians would have sent the results to the ophthalmologist who sent me to them and that I would subsequently be contacted by the aforementioned ophthalmologist. Twenty days later I have not received any news. I called Vista Vision twice and got the answer that they no longer have anything to do with it and that I have to resume an appointment with the ophthalmologist who prescribed the exams (in practice, should I pay another € 100 just to show the exams?). Is it possible that the people who performed the exam by them were not able to tell me if there were any problems or not? (Unsettling). I can't contact the other ophthalmologist since he was at the San Siro Clinical Institute and there is no way to talk to him. Moral: € 100 for a visit to the ophthalmologist and € 100 for an exam without knowing what I have.
Soleil BlancSoleil Blanc
23:00 06 Jul 22
Rude lady at the reception on entrance. With disruptions due to the taxi strike, he advised to take the nearby subway. He explained very badly, by the way. I told her I was from outside the region and I was not familiar with the area. She arrogantly replied that she too was not from the area and that she was from Foggia .. only that she works in Milan and therefore surely she knew the area ... the directions printed for the subway were also incorrect. Fortunately, whoever sold the tickets had suggested a different line, saving a lot of time. My experience does not concern the doctors of the clinic, but the reception staff are in any case a first representative impact of the clinic. No problem with the other reception lady coming in nor with the reception lady on the second floor. Perhaps the lady should return to Foggia bringing her arrogance with her, and not work in Milan.
Rita BarbatiRita Barbati
11:23 10 May 22
I underwent an operation at the Vista Vision center in Milan with Dr. Lucchini in April 2022 with SUPRACOR ™ laser technology that allows me to precisely reshape the cornea by restoring close vision and at the same time reducing annoying side effects, such as loss of quality of vision or impaired vision.Perfectly successful intervention.The competence of the staff of the center who supported Dr. Lucchini was masterful: good and attentive to every detail, knowing full well that the patient, although obviously choosing to put his eyes in the hands of specialists, is always very worried.Extremely state-of-the-art machinery, preparation of the technical team, truly excellent empathy and competence.After only a couple of days with my vision a little blurred, I was able to read perfectly.Great competence, truly innovative technique: in just half an hour I threw away three pairs of glasses (computer, near and far).I am 58 years old and this surgery allowed me to correct both presbyopia and hyperopia.Another life. Thanks Vista Vision and Prof Lucchini!
12:27 11 Apr 22
With today my post-operative path started 6 months ago ends.Probably due to my carelessness, following the PRK operation I lost one of the lenses that are placed on the eyes for the correct re-epithelialization of the wound. This situation led to a complication called corneal haze.Well, thanks to the care and visits received by the structure I can finally enjoy my view to the full!I would like not only to give the maximum of stars, but I want to thank every person who has assisted me in this period.From the girls at the reception, always kind and collaborative (several times given the urgency, it even happened to me that they inserted me between one visit and the next) to the doctors' assistants and obviously to the ophthalmologists, especially Dr. R.F. for the help and availability shown, even calling me on weekends to see how I was, aware of my distance from the Milan clinicA dutiful THANK YOU!
Roberto ChiaveriRoberto Chiaveri
08:27 07 Apr 16
I've done here a bilateral PRK eyesight correction: the place isn't in a central location so it might be required to arrive by car. The instruments and the rooms are modern and clean, the staff is welcoming, helpful and competent, and I didn't have to wait at all for my appointment. The procedure went smoothly and it was quick and fairly affordable.


  • In auto: il parcheggio della clinica.
  • In treno: Dalla Stazione Centrale di Milano e raggiungere la clinica in taxi, VTC o con i mezzi pubblici.
  • In aereo: atterrare all’aeroporto di Milano – Malpensa e raggiungere la clinica in taxi, VTC o con i mezzi pubblici.


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