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    Do you dream of changing the color of your eyes? Find out if you are eligible for keratopigmentation by FLAAKⓇ technique. Benefit from a free aptitude test and simulation!
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    Have you heard that changing your eye color is dangerous? Unlike the old methods, the FLAAKⓇ technique offers optimum safety for your eyes.
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    The New Color team is made up of professionals recognized in their field of competence. The keratopigmentation interventions are performed in the best French clinics.
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Key numbers

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Innovations FLAAKⓇ technique

    • The laser

      The laser

      The laser is the same as the one used for the correction of myopia, namely the Femtosecond laser.

    • The pigment

      The pigment

      The pigment used, BioChromaEyes®, is manufactured in France by BIOTIC Phocea Laboratories.

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Surgery and aftercare

  • The operation

    The operation is performed under local anesthesia (topical) by instilling an anesthetic eye drop. The procedure is therefore completely painless.

  • The results

    The result is immediate and as natural as possible. The range of colors offered is composed of blues, greens, browns and grays.

  • Evolution over time

    Although the color change is visible immediately after the procedure, it is not the final color or intensity…

  • A reversible technique

    Contrary to previous methods, keratopigmentation using the FLAAK® technique is now reversible.

  • FLAAK® and refractive surgery

    Changing the color of your eyes and surgically correcting your vision (Laser or Implant) is entirely possible.

They talk about the New Vision Clinic...

Latest news

    • 1 NOVEMBER 2022
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    New Color invests enormously in Research & Development. The efforts made have led to the solution to obtain reversibility of the eye color change by the R-FLAAK® technique.

    • 1 NOVEMBER 2022
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    Opening of a 2nd operating site in Paris

    Opening of a 2nd operating site in Paris

    New Color is pleased to announce the opening of a second site in Paris. In addition to the New Vision Clinic in Nice, New Color welcomes you to the Espace Nouvelle Vision Clinic in the 6th arrondissement.

    • 1 NOVEMBER 2022
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    New VisuMax 800 laser

    New VisuMax 800 laser

    A world first! The first keratopigmentation


  • Is the operation painful?

    Like laser myopia surgery, the FLAAK® keratopigmentation procedure is completely painless. It is performed under local anesthesia, with simple drops of anesthetic eye drops instilled a few seconds before surgery.

  • What are the possible complications?

    As in any surgery, there is no such thing as zero risk. Although its frequency is exceptional thanks to antibiotic eye drops, the main risk remains infection. Strict hygiene precautions are essential before and after surgery. The instructions to follow will be explained to you during your assessment. Adverse events are listed in the Keratopigmentation Information Sheet (link to FLAAK® Information Sheet).

  • Can you lose your sight?

    As long as the patient scrupulously complies with the treatment and postoperative follow-up, no blindness events have been reported. The laser acts on the surface of the eye and does not affect its functionality. The pigment is biocompatible and its introduction into the eye does not cause an inflammatory reaction. In the event of a complication, your surgeon will indicate the most appropriate therapeutic solution. In conclusion, the risks are comparable to those of laser myopia surgery, which has been performed on millions of patients over the past 30 years.

  • Is it definitive?

    Yes and no.

    Yes, the color will remain permanently. In some cases, a phenomenon of resorption is noted with time. The obtained effect of “patina” of the resorbed pigment, can please some operated patients. For patients wishing to regain the initial radiance of the keratopigmentation, a “touch-up” can be considered.

  • Is it possible to reproduce the striated aspect of the iris?

    It is not possible to reproduce it in detail. To get closer to it, the pigment is left voluntarily lighter areas of transparency to give relief and contrast to the look.

  • Is everyone operable?

    Not everyone is eligible for keratopigmentation. To determine your eligibility, a thorough aptitude test is required.

  • What is the difference between the simulation and the result?

    The simulation is a guide to help you select the color of your choice. It is not possible to guarantee the rendering of the simulation, as the natural color of your iris may influence the final result.

  • Is refractive surgery compatible with keratopigmentation?

    For patients who have already undergone refractive surgery, it is imperative to inform the surgeon before the procedure. A keratopigmentation operation is usually possible 3 months after refractive surgery.

    For patients who also wish to undergo refractive surgery (laser or implant), it is imperative to inform the surgeon before the keratopigmentation surgery. It is only a few months after the keratopigmentation surgery that the surgeon will validate its feasibility. It is preferable to perform refractive surgery at least 3 months after keratopigmentation.

  • Are there any payment facilities or financing solutions?

    Yes, don’t hesitate to contact us to find the best solution for your finances.

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