They have realized their dream!

Azure Blue (1 pigment): Sparkling sky blue with shades of gray

Pacific Blue (1 pigment): Deep blue with shades of gray

Turquoise (1 pigment): Blue/Green with shades of gray

Tropical Green (1 pigment): Warm and deep green

Savannah (2 pigments) : Turquoise speckled with Sahara

Sahara (1 pigment): Hazelnut brown with golden hues

Polar Gray (1 pigment): captivating pure gray


New Color’s range of colors can meet the desires of the most demanding candidates.

Azure Blue (1 pigment)

Pacific Blue (1 pigment)

Turquoise (1 pigment)

Royal Blue (2 pigments)

Tropical (2 pigments)

Savannah (3 pigment)

Harmony (2 pigments)

Polar (1 pigment)

Sahara (1 pigments)

Hazel (1 pigment)

In addition to these colors, it is possible to combine an additional pigment to obtain a unique color!


Prior to any FLAAK® keratopigmentation eye color change procedure, the patient is offered a simulation.

Thanks to the digital application developed by New Color which integrates the range of colors proposed, the patient can project himself with his new look.

The simulation is a privileged moment during which image advice, colorimetry and the visualization of photos of patients already operated on are discussed.

Important: the simulation does not allow to obtain the final rendering but to approach it so that the patient can choose his color with confidence. Furthermore, for the same color, the result of a keratopigmentation may vary slightly from one patient to another due to the natural color of the iris.

Made to measure with New Color !

Color combinations for a unique look:

Today, the FLAAK® technique proposed by New Color makes it possible to realize color combinations. It is possible to make a marriage of different pigments to get a unique color.

Lightning eyes

At the request of certain patients, it is possible with the FLAAK® technique to achieve a different color on each eye (minnows) like some celebrities.


At the request of certain patients, it is also possible with the FLAAK® technique to perform a partial keratopigmentation that does not cover the entire iris, leaving an area of natural eye color (heterochromia).

Am I eligible?

To benefit from the FLAAK® technique, a keratopigmentation aptitude test is mandatory to ensure your eligibility. This aptitude test is free.

Depending on where you live, we offer two different interview formats:

Patient living in the PACA region:

You can make an appointment either by phone at 04 92 07 08 00, or by filling in the contact form.

You will receive an aptitude test and a free simulation. A detailed estimate will be given to you at the end of the appointment.

Patient living outside the PACA region or abroad

Prior to any visit, you can benefit from a teleinformation session during which the FLAAK® keratopigmentation technique is detailed. The presentation is accompanied by “before and after” photos of our results.